Unoffical Diamond DXCC Challenge Progress for KJ4IZW

The ARRL's celebration of DXCC 75th anniversary.
NOTE: some of the more complicated conditions (e.g. Panama Canal, China areas, Morocco areas, Hejaz vs Saudia Arabia, Malayasia areas) have not been implemented yet -- i'm working through those still. But the bulk will work just fine, and help to fill out the ARRL's scorecard.
		no known operations from the Canal Zone.

		9M2ZAK counted as Straits Settlements, Federated Malay States and Non-Federates Malay states.
		He's in Johor State which counts as Non-Federated Malay States.
		I have 9M2MRS in Pahang Island for Federated Malay States.

		BG4OGO was counted as Manchukuo but only BY2's count for that and Tibet but only BY0's count for that.  BG4OGO is China.

		CN8IG was counted for both French Morocco and Spanish Morocco.
		He's about the 35 parallel so counts as Spanish Morocco.

		HZ1AN was counted as both Saudi Arabia and Hejaz.  He's in Hejaz. 7Z1HL is in Saudi Arabia.

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Award Last QSO Have Target
Award Last QSO Have Target
Diamond DXCC [100] 2012-11-27 74 [100]
	Date    	Time	Call	Band	mode	dxccprefix	state	iota	label__
	20120113	110600	KL7J	80M	JT65	KL7	AK		Alaska (K7)
	20120103	233300	LU3VA	15M	JT65	LU	R		Argentina (LU)
	20120213	205556	VK2KM	20M	RTTY	VK	NSW		Australia (VK)
	20120121	152052	OE5FIN	17M	CW	OE			Austria (OE)
	20120212	161136	CU7MD	12M	RTTY	CU		EU-175	Azores islands (CT2)
	20120104	034621	C6ANM	40M	RTTY	C6		NA-001	Bahama Islands (VP7)
	20120102	135638	ON4IQ	17M	CW	ON			Belgium (ON)
	20120107	224131	VP9/WW3S	20M	RTTY	VP9		NA-005	Bermuda Islands (VP9)
	20120107	202159	ZV2K	10M	RTTY	PY	SP		Brazil (PY)
	20120212	015949	V31RU	40M	RTTY	V3			British Honduras (VPl)
	20120628	015400	LZ2STO	30M	JT65	LZ			Bulgaria (LZ)
	20120101	024301	VE3CSZ	80M	PSK31	VE	ON		Canada (VE)
	20120101	164800	EA8OM	15M	JT65	EA8		AF-004	Canary Islands (EA8)
	20120121	011137	CE4SFG	20M	PSK31	CE			Chile (CE)
	20120118	215719	HK3TU	17M	CW	HK			Colombia (HJ)
	20120101	134330	CO2VE	20M	PSK31	CO		NA-015	Cuba (CM)
	20120104	221053	P49X	10M	RTTY	P4		SA-036	Curacao and Neth. West Indies (PJ)
	20120107	054833	OM7OM	40M	PSK31	OM			Czechoslovakia (OK)
	20120917	193500	OZ1AXG	12M	JT65	OZ		EU-029	Denmark (OZ)
	20120107	221216	HI3TEJ	20M	RTTY	HI		NA-096	Dominican Republic (HI)
	20120726	042530	HC5VF	20M	PSK31	HC			Ecuador (HC)
	20120412	232333	SU9VB	17M	RTTY	SU			Egypt (SU)
	20120905	132500	3D2MP	20M	JT65	3D2-F			Fiji Islands (VR2)
	20120727	233700	OH3GGQ	17M	JT65	OH			Finland (OH)
	20120118	061445	F5TTI	80M	PSK31	F			France (F)
	20120219	064100	TR8CA	30M	JT65	TR			French Equatorial Africa (FQ8)
	20120222	034200	FO/AB1OC	20M	JT65	FO-F		OC-067	French Oceania (FO8)
	20120212	163114	6V7S	15M	RTTY	6W			French West Africa (FF8)
	20120106	050103	DK5AI	40M	CW	DL			Germany (D)
	20120101	131415	G0LZX	15M	PSK31	G		EU-005	Great Britain (G)
	20120419	183300	SV2HTI	15M	JT65	SV			Greece (SV)
	20120307	012730	FG/F6ITD	40M	PSK31	FG		NA-102	Guadeloupe (FG8)
	20120410	214811	KH2L	15M	RTTY	KH2		OC-026	Guam (K6)
	20120106	184509	TG9AHM	10M	PSK31	TG			Guatemala (TG)
	20120107	200339	PZ5RA	15M	RTTY	PZ			Guiana, Netherlands (PZ)
	20120103	232700	KH6DC	15M	JT65	KH6	HI	OC-019	Hawaiian Islands (K6)
	20121127	162400	HR1AGC	20M	JT65	HR			Honduras (HR)
	20120107	142342	HA3HZ	15M	PSK31	HA			Hungary (HA)
	20120419	191600	MI0GOZ	17M	JT65	GI		EU-115	Ireland, Northern (GI)
	20120101	153800	EI1DG	10M	JT65	EI		EU-115	Irish Free State (EI)
	20120108	051827	IZ0KBR	40M	RTTY	I			Italy (I)
	20120118	215502	ZF2LC	17M	CW	ZF		NA-016	Jamaica and Cayman Islands (VPS)
	20120219	020500	7J1ADS	17M	JT65	JA			Japan (J)
	20120401	134525	YL2QV	15M	PSK31	YL			Latvia (YL)
	20120316	141428	V21ZG	15M	PSK31	V2		NA-100	Leeward Islands (VP2)
	20120118	060958	LX1CW	80M	PSK31	LX			Luxembourg (LX)
	20120423	225800	9H1ZZ	30M	JT65	9H		EU-023	Malta (ZBl)
	20120107	200013	FM5CD	15M	RTTY	FM		NA-107	Martinique (FM8)
	20120121	044000	XE1GZU	40M	JT65	XE			Mexico (XE)
	20120216	181420	FP/W6HGF	15M	PSK31	FP		NA-032	Miquelon and St Pierre (FP8)
	20120102	172700	PA3GAN	15M	JT65	PA			Netherlands (PA)
	20120109	043700	ZL3GA	20M	JT65	ZL		OC-134	New Zealand (ZL)
	20121027	000500	YN2AA	20M	SSB	YN			Nicaragua (YN)
	20120120	041900	5N7M	30M	CW	5N			Nigeria (ZD2)
	20120511	012600	LB4T	30M	JT65	LA			Norway (LA)
	20120215	035757	4Z5NU	40M	PSK31	4X			Palestine (ZC6)
	20120109	221439	HP1CPE	20M	PSK31	HP			Panama
	20120502	021222	ZP6DYA	20M	PSK31	ZP			Paraguay (ZP)
	20120208	001105	OA4AI	20M	PSK31	OA			Peru (OA)
	20120108	050556	SO4M	40M	RTTY	SP			Poland (SP)
	20121108	231004	CT2FPY	40M	PSK31	CT			Portugal (CT)
	20120101	130625	KP4RY	15M	PSK31	KP4		NA-099	Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands (K4)
	20120803	033100	ER2RM	20M	JT65	ER			Roumania (YR)
	20120123	132900	UR3CTB	15M	JT65	UT	CH		Soviet Union European States (U)
	20120102	182418	EA7ACU	20M	PSK31	EA			Spain (EA)
	20120120	042539	SM4OTI	40M	CW	SM			Sweden (SM)
	20120124	132800	HB9HFN	12M	JT65	HB			Switzerland (HB)
	20120222	213500	VK7XX	15M	JT65	VK	TAS	OC-006	Tasmania (VK7)
	20120125	191100	ZS1BAA	17M	JT65	ZS			Union of South Africa (ZS)
	20120101	025335	AB7KT	40M	PSK31	K	NV		United States (W)
	20120507	191600	CX8AF	10M	JT65	CX	MO		Uruguay (CX)
	20120101	130028	YY5CWM	15M	PSK31	YV			Venezuela (YV)
	20120107	195635	J39BS	15M	RTTY	J3		NA-024	Windward Islands (VP2)
	20120107	141729	9A206JOY	10M	PSK31	9A			Yugoslavia (YT)
Award Last QSO Have Target