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Program / Description Total
N Days
The PODX 070 Club's LONP series for working other members in PSK31.
71 0
CQ-WPX-CW Awards Program
The CQ WPX-CW Awards Program
13 0
CQ-WPX-Digital Awards Program
The CQ WPX (Digital) Awards Program
10 0
CQ-WPX-Mixed Awards Program
The CQ WPX-Mixed Awards Program
14 0
CQ-WPX-SSB Awards Program
The CQ WPX-SSB Awards Program
12 0
Diamond DXCC Challenge
The ARRL's celebration of DXCC 75th anniversary.
NOTE: some of the more complicated conditions (e.g. Panama Canal, China areas, Morocco areas, Hejaz vs Saudia Arabia, Malayasia areas) have not been implemented yet -- i'm working through those still. But the bulk will work just fine, and help to fill out the ARRL's scorecard.
		no known operations from the Canal Zone.

		9M2ZAK counted as Straits Settlements, Federated Malay States and Non-Federates Malay states.
		He's in Johor State which counts as Non-Federated Malay States.
		I have 9M2MRS in Pahang Island for Federated Malay States.

		BG4OGO was counted as Manchukuo but only BY2's count for that and Tibet but only BY0's count for that.  BG4OGO is China.

		CN8IG was counted for both French Morocco and Spanish Morocco.
		He's about the 35 parallel so counts as Spanish Morocco.

		HZ1AN was counted as both Saudi Arabia and Hejaz.  He's in Hejaz. 7Z1HL is in Saudi Arabia.
63 0
The eQSL eAwards Program.
71 0
TARA-Grid Awards Program
Part of the TARA Awards.
70 0
TARA-Grid Awards Program - Bars
Endorsements to the TARA-Grid Awards.
70 0
TARA-PX Awards Program
Part of the TARA Awards.
70 0
Includes both the CQ Magazine and various state awards.
71 0
Worked-All-States -- LoTW
Various worked-all-states combinations.
73 0
1 0

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