Generate US State Maps

This web page will produce a US States outline map with arbitrary states highlighted. Multiple sets can be highlighed in different colors, and optional legend and image title as well.

Map Builder

Additional series


Bare Bones

Just one set of states using default color and no legend or title.,TX,NY

Two Sets

Add a second set of states with colors, a title, and a legend.,SD&color=255,0,255&label=The+Dakotas&states=NC,SC&color=0,255,0&label=The+Carolinas

Multiple Sets

More involved example. View image to see its source URL.



Optional. This sets the title at the top of the image.


Required. Repeatable. Each value represents a set of states. Format is a comma-delimited list of the standard 2-letter abbreviations. e.g. CA,AZ,TX


Optional. Repeatable. This respresents the color for the respective set of states. Format is comma-delimited list of decimal RGB values. e.g. red would be 255,0,0


Optional. Repeatable. This reprentes the name of the set of states to use in the legend.

The repeated states, color, and label options are in respective orders ... The first states value goes with the first colors value and the first label value, and so on.


David "KJ4IZW" Westbrook
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