KJ4IZW Progress Checker




The goal of this project is to make it easy, (nearly) automatic, and robust to check logs for various awards,
but without any hand-calculations, custom spreadsheets, paper tally sheets, etc.
This project also merges two hobbies of mine -- radio and programming, so was doubly fun to do!

Currently in a "beta release" mode ... Having a small group of people try it out
to identify any issues in functionality, ease-of-use, specific award calculations, etc.
Once the major issues (see below) are fixed, will make a general announcement and release.


To fix while in Beta (rough order of highest priority first):
* add a optional email field with logfile upload for announcements
* update  (to include Oct 10 2010 updates)
* report template -- remove any 070 refs; make sure custom html comes from config files.
	time ./ cfg/ KJ4IZW
* make sure it's distributable -- MANIFEST, deploy script, etc.
* resolve refresh / redirect / fork issues.
* add refresh button or link to the logfile page for running_reports
* identify errors (old .out's, out-of-memory, etc)
* new db table for call,group,status,awards_complete,awards_in_progress,awards_not_started
    --> use that 'status' col during report generation & for error-tagging.
    display those stats on the user's list-reports screen.
    can also display avgs on the main "available checkers" screen.
* tara-grid fix where "0/N [1]" is showing as complete, because of prereqs.
* WAS -- do LoTW and eQSL checks.
 	make sure it's explained somewhere
    make separate WAS (worked), WAS-LoTW (lotw/card), and WAS-eQSL configs??
* implement usage stats on the "available checkers" screen.
* Go through state-CA awards.  make sure that's noted somewhere.
* move 'standings' config item to the award cfg files.
* 070 long_desc -- note about ragchewer standings
Known Bugs/issues:

Enhancements/future features:
* log validator report ... e.g. flag log entries missing dxcc,state or other key info.
* incorporate milestones app
* incorporate gridsquares app
* ***** Statistics page
 	QSL stats
 	all logs:  ct, ops, dxcc, bands, modes, etc
* possibly do GD graphs for 'current logfile' stats?
* LONP -- scrape website for earned, so can be confirmed / light blue.
* accept .zip files for log upload
* More awards:  WAC; WAZ; IOTA; LH; Grids (besides tara?); etc.


v0.1-beta-0.1	2010-12-19
	* added 'Beta' label
	* added 'About' tab with TODO and Changelog sections
	* verified tabs css in both FF and IE
	* verified tabs css in both FF and IE
	* -- guess filebase if not given (for debug runs on cmdline)
	* split into separate TARA-Grid & TARA-PX checks (too large for single report).
	* implement slice_results option for the incremental awards (tara, LONP, etc),
	  to show only delta Qs, not repeat all.